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Hello, we are the robotics section of the CMC. Our aim is to be the go-to place for everyone who is interested in robots, electronics, hacking and general cool projects in, around and outside CERN. It should be stressed that although we're called the Robotics Section, we also have non-robotic adventures and projects.

We are currently building an InMoov (external link) humanoid robot. Whilst we can more or less print modest objects with our 3D printer, we are using the Reprap Pro in Ideasquare for this, with their agreement. It's a complicated project that will require 3-5 people for a few months (maybe even a year - we've built one arm in 5 months so far) to complete. When it's finished it will be installed in Ideasquare to welcome visitors, and we can borrow it for any applications that present themselves. If you are interested in this, or have ideas for another project please contact James Devine or come along to our Wednesday meetings.

What it looks like today:

InMoov Right Hand