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This part describe the principles used to make preventive diagnostics most of the assembled material are from a a Roberta Cirillo's Fellowship.


The basic idea of the preventive diagnostic method is to compare the output of the Ecosim Model and the Process data from the real system this is called residue analysis.

To perform this analysis we have for each step of time to calculate the Residue :

Residue = Process - Model

A problem is detected If the residue is deviating from 0 as Residue=0 means that Process and Model are identical. In other words: the real installation (process data) is behaving according to its ideal pattern described by the model.

Hence Residue ≠ 0 means that the real installation behaviour is DEVIATING from the ideal one and if the phenomenon lasts over a certain time, a corrective action must be taken to avoid malfunctioning.

A detailed presentation can be found in"ONLINE ANALYSIS FOR ANTICIPATED FAILURE DIAGNOSTICS OF THE CERN CRYOGENIC SYSTEMS", published for the ICALEPCS17 conference.


The application of the methods are presented in this this Article or in its  associated presentation

Additional Informations

The links below present the input from several experiments conducted by Roberta Cirillo during her CERN Fellowship:

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