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This page will guide you through how you can share a cernbox folder with others.

Select Folder to be Shared

Navigate to the folder you want to share and press the symbol to share the folder.

Sharing with a User or a Group

Type the name of the person or group to share the folder with in the search box and click the name to share the folder with them.

You can also choose if the person(s) you have shared the folder with should have read only rights or if they should be able to edit the contents of the folder.

If you press the send email button, the person(s) will receive an email with all the information needed to access the folder. This information can also be found by pressing the "Shared with you" button on the left.

Sharing Using a Public Link

It is also possible to share a folder using a public link. If you choose this option, it is advisable to protect the share with a password since it will be accessible by everyone.


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