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This guide will walk you through how to connect to and synchronise CERNBox projects or shared folders to your computer.

The guide presumes that you have installed the CERNBox sync client. If you have not installed the sync client, it can either be installed from CMF or from the CERNBox website.

Adding a New Synchronised Folder

Press the button that say "Add Folder Sync Connection"

Select the Storing Folder on Your Computer

Is the New Folder Too Large to Synchronise ?

Before synchronising a large project you should first verify its size unless your computer disk space will be filled very quickly.

Therefore, before synchronising,  you will have select the folder or the part(s) of the folder you need to download into your computer.

Select the CERNBox Folder to Synchronise

With CERNBox Client you can either add a project, a folder of a project, or a folder shared by someone else.

Identifying the Projects and Folders Shared with You.

To identify projects you have access to.  Open the CERNBox website and to click on the link on the Left side of the window.

To Identify folders shared with you.  Open the CERNBox website and to click on the link on the Left side of the window.

By pressing the 3 dots next to the shared folder, you can find the EOS path which can be copied and pasted into the CERNBox window without browsing the structure.

CERNBox Synchronising Statuses

When synchronising the CERNBox client Icon is . Whereas  when synchronised it becomes and In case of errors it becomes .

These statuses are also visible in the CERNBox setting Windows. 


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