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What is DIP ?

DIP is a communication system which allows relatively small amounts of soft real-time data to be exchanged between very loosely coupled heterogeneous systems.

These systems do not need very low latency. The data is assumed to be mostly summarised data rather than low-level parameters from the individual systems, i.e. cooling plant status rather than the opening level of a particular valve.

DIP is currently only supported on Windows 64-bits and Linux 64-bits. Older releases exist for 32-bits platforms. There is no support for Mac OSX.

The DIP service is composed of :

  • A Central Name Server that provides the list of available publications
  • An API (Application Programming Interface) that allows to publish and receive information.
  • A PVSS extension (PVSS API Manager) that allows to publish and receive DIP data in PVSS.
  • A LabVIEW extension that allows to publish and receive DIP data in NI LabVIEW.

Service Level Agreement

To report DIP service failures during working hours, Please email Outside of working hours, please contact the BE-ICS Standby service on 164930.

DIP name servers are operated as a critical service, aiming for 100% availability through server redundancy. In case of malfunction, the Industrial Controls Piquet service is available 24/7 to restore the service.
The various DIP publishers/subscribers are outside BE-ICS's control, under the responsibility of the different CERN and Experiments teams operating them, and therefore not covered by this DIP service level agreement.