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This site is intended to provide support for users of OPC technology, to receive OPC news register on the E-Group opc-users.

In addition to general information about the OPC specifications, end-users can download specific OPC servers and OPC tools, as well as examples, documentation, external weblinks, FAQs and set up documents.

Note that EN-ICE currently supports OPC-DA (also known as OPC Classic). There is a migration project currently ongoing for OPC-UA, the next generation OPC specification.

The section has selected a set of components and recommended tools, for end-users and developers:

  • OPC servers for PLCs, industrial power supplies and computer bus crates (for example VME crates) recommended at CERN.
  • OPC clients to test OPC setup or validate OPC servers.
  • OPC toolkits to facilitate the development of OPC servers for specific devices.

The section offers advice and help in using OPC components.