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POPS (Power for the PS) supervision


POPS is the new power system that will feed the CERN PS accelerator magnets. It will replace the present powering system based on Siemens motor-generator. POPS is a 60MW pulsed power system based on capacitive energy storage. Additional informations are available here and here.

The POPS hardware and control system was developed by Converteam. All the Converteam hardware of the control system are connected to a private network. POPS is controlled by a FGC (function Generator/Controller). The interface between this private network and the CERN technical network (TN) is done via a FESA FEC (front-end) acting as a bridge between the two networks.

POPS architecture:

Contact person: Yves Gaillard TE/EPC, Xavier Genillon TE/EPC.

Supervision layer

The supervision layer is split in two parts:

  • the server that runs on a HP proliant servers with the WinCC OA SCADA (Supervision Control And Data Acquisition) from ETM, the EN/ICE frameworks: JCOP, UNICOS and a dedicated POPS supervision package. It is interfaced to the FESA FEC by CMW.
  • the operator workstation use to run the graphical interface: Windows terminal server or linux PC.

The supervision layer main tasks are: 

  • readout all the data from the Converteam CPUs
  • provide an interface to the operator for command to send, protected by user name and password
  • provide an event list utility to analyse the list of event in case of a failure.

The supervision layer proposes a set of enhanced widgets to show complex summary state, state switches, default, etc., as well as basic widgets for status and measured value.

POPS graphical interface:

POPS state widget:  switch:  switch widget:
POPS basic widget for measured value:
POPS event list:

POPS FGC view:

POPS DC view:

POPS AC view:

Contact person: Jean-Charles Tournier BE-ICS, Xavier Genillon TE/EPC.