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The procedures on this page are under review. Please, contact us at .

Depending on the way in which you are going to use WinCC OA, there are different procedures to follow. In all the cases, a new person cannot request a registration herself; instead, she needs to ask a person who has a sublicense-agreement signed with us, to accept you as a new developer for her/his project, and then this person requests your registration. This is because the person who requests your registration becomes legally liable for your use of WinCC OA.

  • If you are working physicaly at CERN for one of the LHC Experiments, or the BE-ICS group, and you are going to develop with WinCC OA, 
    • the Controls Coordinator of your experiment should request  your registration from us; get in touch with him/her.
      Then go to procedure II. below
  • If you are going to use WinCC OA out of CERN (e.g. in your home institute), then
    • your institute must have the WinCC OA sublicense agreement signed with CERN; 
      • if it has not, follow the procedure I. below; this needs to be completed before the following steps could be proceeded with
      • it it has, find the WinCC OA Technical Contact person responsible for WinCC OA use in your institute
    • your Technical Contact Person requests from us your registration (step II. below)
  • If you used to work at CERN up till now and you are leaving, and will still need to continue the development at your home institute
    • you must make sure that your institute has the sublicense agreement signed
    • you must contact the Technical Contact person in your institute to ask you for your registration
  • If you do NOT need to download WinCC OA software or request licenses (ie. you are going to operate existing control systems, or enhance those that already exist) 
    • in general, you do not necessarily need to become registered. Still by the fact of being registered you may receive news about WinCC OA releases and news.

I. Sign The Software Sub-License Agreement 

This step needs to be performed once per outside institute

If you are at CERN, skip this step and go to Step II.

If you are at an outside institute and your institute has already signed the Software Sub-License Agreement go to Step II. If you are not sure if your institute has already signed, you can contact us at

To have access to WinCC OA from an outside institute, your institute first needs to sign a Software Sub-License Agreement. This agreement is a legal document and binds your institute. It must be signed by the nominated Responsible Person at your institute. CERN does not nominate the Responsible Person. You do, or rather, your institute does.

  1. Find out who is the Responsible Person at your institute.
  2. Download the Software Sub-License Agreement [PDF]
  3. Have it filled out and signed by your Responsible Person. It is on this form that the Responsible Person nominates a Technical Contact person for future day-to-day dealings with your institute. (It is permissible for the Responsible Person to also take on the Technical Contact role as well.)
  4. Send a signed physical copy to:
Piotr Golonka / WinCC OA Licensing
BE-ICS Group
CH-1211 Geneve 23

To speed the process, you can email us a scanned copy, but for legal reasons we still need to receive the physical copy. 

II. Become a WinCC OA Authorized User

(to be performed once per person)

  • Whether you are inside CERN or not, ask your Technical Contact Person to add your name to his list of WinCC OA Authorized Users. He should send a mail to with the following details about you:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address that you want to use to ask for licenses, to receive news and for authentication.
  • If you do not know who is the Technical Contact Person for your experiment or your institute, then email us at Provided that your experiment or institute has already nominated someone in the past, then we should be able to tell you who it is. Please understand though that if your institute has never yet appointed a Technical Contact person, Cern cannot appoint one at your institute. Only your institute's Responsible Person can do that.

We will then update our database to recognize you as a person authorized to get the software and you will receive all relevant news about WinCC OA (e.g. availability of new versions, patches).

III. Register external email address

If the email address that you used for registration in step II is linked to a CERN NICE account, you can simply use your NICE username ans password to authenticate when you want to download WinCC OA.

If the email address is not registerd at CERN, you will have to register it as a CERN External account to be able to download the software from our dowload pages. You can register in the CERN Portal for External Accounts.

IV. Proceed to download

Once the above steps have been completed, you can get WinCC OA from the downloads page . Note that installing directly from CMF is deprecated and newest versions/patches of WinCC OA are not available via CMF.

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