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Measurement, Test and Analysis team

MTA became a LabVIEW Centre of Excellence in 2017

The MTA team has obtained the LabVIEW Center of Excellence recognition in 2017 as the first in Europe, at the same time as the AGH University in Cracow, for our proficiency, coding standards and best practices.

What do we do for our group and clients?

1. We develop turn-key measurement and test systems for:

  • Superconducting accelerator components (cables, magnets & cavities)
  • Accelerator components operating at low temperature (diodes, bellows & beam screens)
  • Accelerator component manufacturing (geometric measurements, positioning & impregnation)

2. We develop automatic analysis software for:

  • LHC hardware commissioning tests, post mortem analysis (power converters, quench protection systems, interlocks & distribution feed boxes)
  • Measurements on superconducting components (resistance, inductance & quench)
  • Geometric measurements on magnets and collimators

3. We develop RADE: Rapid Application Development Environment in the CERN control infrastructure

There is a need to rapidly develop expert tools, machine development analysis and test facilities integrated with the CERN control infrastructure. The RADE environment is an extension to LabVIEW to easily access the accelerator infrastructures from within a user application.

The RADE environment is a framework which provides:

  • GET, SET and Subscription for any RDA supported device (CMW)
  • Authentication and authorization for RDA driven front ends (RBAC)
  • Synchronization with cycles of an accelerator (TGM)
  • Access to data from Logging and Measement databases (CALS)
  • Access to the LSA database, to retrieve a list of trims.
  • Adding events and file-attachment into the eLogbook of OP
  • Many more interesting features, check in RADE

4. We develop LVRT: Accelerator integration of LabVIEW real-time on PXI and cRIO platforms

Within the LVRT framework we are developing (most of it is ready, ask us for testing in your application):

  • An RDA3 server with RBAC on PXI (Pharlap and NI Linux RT) and cRIO (NI Linux RT)
  • An easy workflow for defining devices in the CCDB from within LabVIEW
  • Accelerator timing (GMT) on PXI (Pharlap and NI Linux RT) using the CTRP (PMC card) with the timdt library
  • New accelerator timing (White Rabbit) on cRIO (NI Linux RT) and PXI (NI Linux RT)

5. We provide CERN-wide support for all test & measurement systems

  • Using selected sets of commercial off the shelve products. 
  • General user support (installation, licenses & LabVIEW training)
  • Technical support to solve problems encountered with the use of LabVIEW, LabVIEW RT and LabVIEW FPGA
  • Support and training for the MTA developed CERN-LabVIEW framework called RADE and the accelerator integration LVRT
  • Contact us: or through the Service Desk

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