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RADE is a Rapid Application Development Environment based on LabVIEW.
It's the solution at CERN to develop expert tools, machine development analysis and test facilities integrated with the CERN control infrastructure.

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This page contains information regarding the RADE palette in LabVIEW and other CERN specific LabVIEW guides and information. The RADE palette is a container for all the CERN made LabVIEW functions. These are either CERN specific because they only work at CERN or they are useful functions that are used by the people at CERN, but could be used anywhere. The content of the RADE palett can be found with the other palettes under the label RADE, it is often far down on the list.  It is developed and maintained by the EN-SMM-MTA section at CERN and they can be contacted directly or through LabVIEW support.

For more general information about LabVIEW and NI devices go to MTA Home. In there go to the sub-page LabVIEW Support for information on how to active LabVIEW, configuring and debugging NI hardware like the PXI and cRIO, and Education for more specific guides for LabVIEW and non-LabVIEW applications.

Modules and Libraries

After downloading the RADE palette, you will have access to a comprehensive set of modules, libraries and templates to help you develop and integrate your application into the CERN infrastructure.

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