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CIET: Cryogenics Instrumentation Expert Tool

This expert tool allows the Cryogenics Instrumentation Engineers to diagnose and configure the radtol electronics cards placed in the tunnel. Those cards act as signal conditioners and acquire the TT,PT,LT and DI measurements as well as allow actuation on the heaters and enable the LT considering the environmental constraints.


Any intervention in the control system must be notified in advance by sending a e-mail with the actions to perform to the following


Any issue must be reported through the following e-mail address: .This email will create automatically a JIRA case which will be treated as soon as possible.

Project specifications


Software components

The latest version of the WinCC OA (aka PVSS) CIET package can be found here: Downloads CIET

JIRA project

The issues concerning the CIET project are here: Issues

Create the TEST environment

Here are the instructions to create a test project (WinCCOA side): Instructions

Ideas, Improvements
  • Put the temperatureTend in an other property that "data" in order to archive it in an other place than in the "analog" one. In fact temperatureTend changes much more slowly than for example temperatureCalc. So, if tenperatureTend would be link to an other archive we would be able to have the tendency for much more time than currently. In fact, in a PVSS archive, we are limited by the value which change the most.