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WinCC Open Architecture

For WinCC OA versions, dedicated validation pages exists: WinCC OA Validation

mono-vendor OPC UA

Every OPC-UA server release is tested in the lab according to a checklist, and the results documented on RTD (and published with the server release notification email)

Examples of the check lists can be found from the pages above, for example for version 0.9.7 of the CAEN OPC UA server:

Moreover, these OPC-UA server have a suite of (googletest) C++ unit tests as part of their source code; the tests are built and run with every CI pipeline on linux & windows – the whole pipeline fails if any test fails.

multi-vendor OPC UA

Both codes are running through the C++-QA pipeline, no other validations are done, since both servers can be easily functionality-checked manually.




C++ static code analysis

the clang-tidy/cppcheck/kobe/sonarqube details of the C++-QA pipeline are documented in ics-fd-qa , producing these sonarqube results on the cental cvl instance .

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