WinCC Open Architecture (OA) Service


This site is intended to provide support for users of the WinCC-OA (previously known as PVSS) SCADA tool. This site provides information for absolute beginners wishing to start with WinCC-OA, advanced information and example code for experienced users, tutorials, information on training and seminars, a list of problems, FAQs etc.

Where do I go from here?

If you are getting started and need WinCC-OA

Download WinCC OA versions with latest patches:

  • 3.15 (will be deprecated at the end of LS2)
  • 3.16 (recommended for upgrades in LS2)

Note that you firstly need to
register as authorized user 

If you need a WinCC-OA License

License Request Form

The JCOP Framework page

JCOP Framework

The UNICOS Framework page

UNICOS Framework

If you need a WinCC-OA course or
JCOP Framework course or FSM course



Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and discussion on system setup, possible architectures, possible performance problems, existing performance issues, etc